Amazon Product Image Requirements – Complete Guide How to optimized

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Amazon Product Image Requirements

Amazon Product Image Requirements – Complete Guide How to optimized

Amazon is the top leading e-commerce site around the world. Everyone knows about Amazon’s popularity. So, who doesn’t want to be a part of the site? Because this site represents your online business or starting wonderfully to others.

But starting your business with Amazon you should know the rules and regulations of the site a to z. especially, you have to properly learn the photo requirements of Amazon. Other hands its a very important part to boost your sales also amazon SEO ranking factor.

So no need for so long with a boring introduction. Let’s go to The Complete Guide to Amazon Photo Requirements 2021.

Giving you a complete sense of Amazon photo requirements, I research many sources online and offline. Hopefully, the article would be very helpful for you.

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Below is a guide to creating the most out of your Amazon product photography:

In short, all are in detail for Amazon Product Image Requirements 

Make sure the product is being sold in your photo and clearly shows all its features.

For example, if you’re selling clothing items, you will describe in detail such as buttons or appliques. Make sure they’re clearly displayed.

Always try to take your photographs in natural light to get a true representation of the color of the item being sold.

Get a little perspective

It is often helpful for customers to be able to see a product from different angles to get the full picture. This is especially important if an item has different details on the back, front, side, or bottom.

For example, with a separate slogan on the back of a T-shirt.


It is important to be clear and honest about the size of the product. It confirms you are selling to avoid making the wrong purchase.

Including dimensions in your product description, gives you extra benefits. Your photography shows the size of a product using an additional object to indicate the relative size of the item being sold.

When doing this, use the size of a coin, a simple DVD case, or any other household object whose size will be recognized instantly.


Although you can display packaging in your photography, according to Amazon’s rules, only product-related packaging and products that are included in sales may be displayed in your photographs.

You can also show photographs of clothing labels that show care instructions such as washing, drying, cleaning, etc.

Misleading or dishonest packaging photographs such as showing brand names that are not related to the product sold are not permitted.

Generally, photographs of your Amazon products should only show the original product packaging.

Lifestyle and context

Use photography that shows the item or product being used or worn because it allows a potential customer to ‘see for them’ with that product.

With products like bicycles, use your photography to show not just the bike, but someone riding and showing off to enjoy themselves.

For your serious selling, you can hire a professional photographer for your better output. This is a highly rewarding investment that will pay off in the long run.

  1. Amazon product image technical requirements

Amazon has specific software that validates images uploaded according to the basic requirements set by the e-commerce platform. Amazon’s technical requirements from a technical standpoint are as follows:

  • The longest maximum allowed dimensions- at least 500px.
  • Maximum authorized Amazon product image size- 10,000 px.
  • The zoom of the image starts from 1000px- the longest direction, 500px- the shortest.
  • Image Requirements Supports several formats: JPEG and GIF (possibly animated) images. Most of the time, Amazon prefers that format over PNG or TIFF when uploading in JPEG format.
  • The color gamut of the image should not overlap the SRGB standard.
  • The Amazon image maximum size should be 10 MB. The best ratio of the uploaded image is 1:1 square. The ratio can be extended to 5:1, which is a rectangle, making it a great choice for the best size for Amazon images.
  1. Amazon requirements/permissions for the main image

Amazon product image requirements relate to the specific design of the image. It needs to be professional and accurately display the items sold by showing the key ingredients of the items sold. The list of requirements for the main image is as follows:

  • Product images must be real-world photos taken from a professional perspective. The alternative is to display product covers for specific product categories, such as digital books, magazines, etc. The Amazon Image Guide does not support drawing or illustration of sales products.
  • The images on the product page must be taken in full focus without any focus.
  • It is not recommended to use too many filters and color re-balances in Amazon product images. The colors must correspond to what customers will see in real life after receiving the product in hand.
  • The background should be filled with a clear white color (RGB 255, 255, 255).
  • Watermarks or any exterior design that has the potential to distort the representation of the product is prohibited.
  • The extra things that keep the image will not attract customers from the products you sell. For example, if you are selling a brown jacket, you should not dress a person wearing bright-yellow pants or a playful feather hat.
  • It is recommended to place the product frame.
  • Graphics or text that are not required for product sales should not be present in the image.
  1. Amazon requirements for additional or other viewing images

In addition to the main images, Amazon allows vendors to upload additional images. Small images are displayed when visitors click on the page. An image like this is often called an Amazon swatch image with the following requirements:

  • Images with hints of product features must be in 100% focus.
  • The extra items in the image certainly won’t make the impression of being included in the final price.
  • The original product must take up 85% of the total space in the image.
  • Cropped, close-up, or distorted images kicked.
  • As long as the product is in the main focus, backgrounds, text, and simple graphics are allowed, Amazon swatch allows image requirements.
  1. Amazon requirements/restrictions for clothing sales

Amazon has separate rules that restrict image uploads to the original pages. Use of images with the following criteria is not allowed:

  • Not the actual depiction of the product. Sketches, drawings, and other arts that distort the perception of sale items are not allowed.
  • Images with confusing objects that confuse the viewer. Accessories or miscellaneous matters are common examples.
  • Pictures with text or overlaying graphics.
  • Obscene and offensive content.
  • Images with verified ownership. Watercolors or logos are not allowed in the image.
  • Images of repeating the same product from different angles.
  • Pantyhose, stockings, and socks are the only products that can be displayed in an old as well as external branding.

Final Thought

The Complete Guide to Amazon Photo Requirements is designed to save your time when listing your products. It is following Amazon’s technical guidelines that prevent you from rejecting images so you can avoid repeating them also it’s hard to update and well-optimized images on amazon every time, you can take some photo retouching service from various photo editing companies who provide cheap rate amazon product editing service.

This guide will also help you ensure that your photography can be the best and your list is above the competition.


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