Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Product Research

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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Product Research

Are you a newbie in the field of most trending online business now? You want to start or affiliate your business with Amazon.

But very confused about selecting the right product! Don’t worry, the article helps you a lot. Just read it and you will get Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Product Research.

It is very much important to find out the right product and deliver your time, money, and hard labor. Someone can’t understand how to research Amazon products.

That’s why they start with retail arbitrage. But it is too hard and time-consuming and also too taxing.

So let’s go to know about Amazon Product Research. other hand if you need any support for Amazon SEO like, amazon verified review service, Amazon helpful vote, Negative review removal service or any kind of amazon, Walmart, Ebay support feel free to contact with us.

What is Amazon product research?

Amazon Product Research is about analyzing current market trends. It is important for generating high sales.

Obviously, pricing is not everything! You have to keep in mind many more.

For example, you can sell some items that are at $2 but if they are not good you will get negative feedback from your customers, eventually selling less.

Why is it important to research a product?

Choose the right product for sale: Your product search will help you choose the right product for sale in the best possible niche.

By doing your research you will be able to decide on the appropriate price to sell your items.

Know the pain points of your customers: It also helps you find out about your customers and their pain issues. You can improve products and services after reviewing and considering customer complaints.

Track your competitors: A comprehensive product search involves tracking your competitors and what they are doing. Which products have higher demand and are more likely to be added to your inventory

Improve your product description: You can improve your product description by discovering what works best for you.

Overall, you will be able to find what the market wants and introduce such products to have a greater chance of success.

Simply put, you have to go for products that have great opportunities, good demand, and competitive bottom.

Checklist of Amazon product research requirements

  • Here’s a quick checklist of what to look for and tactics to help ease the way. With these criteria, your work becomes easier.
  • Select product prices that range between $10 and $50.
  • Products that sell a minimum of 10 per day
  • Similar products of the best seller rank in the main category
  • The top rank three related keywords. They have 50,000+ monthly searches on Amazon
  • Not choose seasonal products.
  • Don’t select the fewer reviews of any products.
  • Portable and lightweight products
  • There is no brand name or trademark associated with the product
  • A product can be set at 25% or even less than the selling price
  • Suitable house for product optimization and improvement of current inventory
  • Quick and easy product sorting from China
  • The product should not be fragile
  • Can produce higher products than similar products on the market
  • Encourages repeated purchases of products
  • The product should have no legal issues

How to do product research on Amazon?

There are two ways to perform an Amazon product research:


2)Automatic tools

  1. Manual method

If you want to do it manually, Amazon itself is a great resource for running a few things for the process. It involves two simple steps:

Step 1: Check the list of best-sellers

Amazon gives you enough help to research a product and it’s through Amazon’s best sellers page.

You can search for products by category and sub-category. Do a quick check on the lists to determine which items are selling the most. This, in turn, will help you decide on a niche.

From the sales information of a product, you can predict which products may appeal to your target audience. Also, you can check out related items to help you get an idea of ​​how you can expand your business.

Try to choose products that are not too high or too low.

Creating a product concept can also be done through the following methods:

  • List of Amazon’s best sellers
  • Exploring retail sales
  • Amazon Movie and Shaker
  • Amazon Basics
  • Browse about a few products on Pinterest
  • Explore Shopify stores
  • Looking at eBay’s trending list
  • Amazon product sub-layers
  • See-through AliExpress’s weekly list of best sellers
  • Amazon Storefront

Once you have an idea about the niche and related products, see if there is a demand for the product in the following ways:

Google Keyword Planner

Sellerapp’s product intelligence tool

Google Trends

Step 2: See what the contestants are doing

The second step is to analyze what your competitors are doing to sell their products. Amazon’s bestseller page enables you to see through your primary competitors.

You can check if their product listing pages and their official website are available. In addition to these, you can spy on your competitors outside of Amazon by typing the appropriate keywords in Google or other search engines.

Also, you can buy the product from your competitors and test the kind of service they are offering. You can always learn the best practices from them and look for ways to improve them.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when researching a product page:

When you examine a product page in detail, you will come across multiple new ideas. There are thousands and thousands of products listed. It is very easy to carry, it is important to be clear to understand exactly what you are looking for.

If in doubt, be sure to follow the tips below:

Find any kind of product from Amazon’s bestseller page, it is enough to help you come up with ideas.

You can search for sponsored products, and customers focus more on the buy-in segments. Besides, they provide better data intelligence, which you can more likely ask for to enhance or sell your product.

  1. Automatic method (quick way)

You will find a lot of automatic software that can help you research your products.

The tools have many features like database, product, and competition tracking to help new and experienced vendors.

Here are some of them:

Jungle Scout

This web application is very popular and by many vendors for the first time

You can search a huge database of products with precise filters like price, rank, rating, weight, etc.

There are also niche hunters to discover new earning streams.  The app can be used on all Amazon marketplaces around the world.

Unicorn Smasher

You can also use it as a support tool to run your Amazon business – and it can take weeks to research your product.

The software enables you to track your competitor’s product list, price, inventory, and other useful information.


The AMZScout took them from where they fell for free.

Known for the accuracy of sales estimates, AMZ Scout is considered one of the most reliable tools for Amazon sellers in the market and a great Jungle Scout option.


Keep is one of the most useful product research tools for Amazon sellers to find the most useful information.

It used to be a free version, but to get the most accurate information about your sales decision, the paid version is the way to go.

AMZ Base

AMZ Base is a great way to quickly search and identify the right products to sell on Amazon and the most amazing thing about it is that it’s free!

Final Word

Getting started as an authorized marketer may seem daunting, but don’t give up. It all depends on finding the right products.

Product research on Amazon may take some time but if you follow the right basics it is going to be easy.

To do this faster, use one of the above two tools and be successful!


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