How to Contact Customers Who Left You a Bad Amazon Review

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How to Contact Customers Who Left You a Bad Amazon Review

It has always been challenging to deal with unwanted negative reviews in your Amazon store. 3 star ratings, 2 star ratings, or even the worst one: 1-star ratings have been a problem for many sellers. If your product has a good collection of positive reviews, your product might still survive. But it will be a huge deal for a product that has yet to receive reviews or has fewer positive reviews in total.

Dealing with negative reviews on Amazon can be tricky for all sellers. It can also be time-consuming and exhausting. At a certain point, you might even ask yourself whether it is worth your time and effort to work around the bad reviews.

The importance of managing bad reviews in the Amazon marketplace

For all sellers, reviews are the breath of the future. It is not exaggerating to say that your store will be thriving if you have managed to attain positive reviews from your consumers. Negative reviews can make your store doomed. Let’s put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

When you take a look at a store that comes with a bunch of negative reviews, you are not convinced to make your first purchase at that particular store. Instead, we might skip them and move to another store. Bad reviews can also be a sensible reason to keep you from buying some products online. As a seller, you will possibly face a negative review from your client. In the long run, the negative reviews can lead to disaster. How to handle the negative Amazon reviews? Can you ask your customers to remove the particular reviews? Let’s find out the answer at the next point.

Understand the key takeaways

Back then, some sellers reached out to their clients to ask them to delete negative reviews after solving the issues. Many of them got banned because they were against Amazon’s product reviews. So, before going further, you must know the risks first. Do not ever directly ask your customers to change their reviews, even though you have fixed the problems.

Amazon has certain policies to protect the realness of the customer reviews.  Violation of the rules could risk your account being banned or shut down.

Handling bad reviews

As mentioned, asking your customers in any way to change their reviews is illegal. Not only will you risk your seller account, but Amazon might also freeze your funds so that you won’t be able to earn anything from them. So, get rid of the thought of contacting your customers directly to alter the reviews. There is a way to work around the negative review, though.

You can basically reply to the reviews publicly without asking your customers to change their reviews. If commenting does not work, you could also use other methods, which we will explain later.

Commenting on the reviews

You can comment publicly on the Amazon reviews. It is the first and foremost option that I’d recommend to you because it has a much better chance of success than the other option.

It is easy to comment on the particular reviews publicly. You just need to find the bad reviews of your product and then comment.

In the comment, you could explain your perspective on the issues that your customers are facing.

You can also solve their problems and inform them that they have nothing to worry about since you’ve overcome them. Describe the steps that you took in order to fix the mistakes. Explain that it won’t be happening again in the future.

Show your courtesy and welcoming behaviour. Be prepared for the next input. Also, explain that you’ve provided great customer service. Ask them to contact you through an internal means of communication so that you can help them with the problem.

Make sure not to get in touch with them through external communication tools. Contacting your customers outside of Amazon is against the terms and conditions. Your comment will be deleted or not posted at all. In some worse cases, you might lose your account if you attempt to contact your clients outside of the Amazon marketplace site.

With this effort, your customers might be wiling to change their reviews since you have done your best to fix the problems. However, not all customers can be kind to you. Some of them do not bother to change their minds and leave the bad reviews as they are.

Alright, you might be thinking of losing. But not really. Although the reviews are not changing, you can reduce the negative impacts because this information gives such good insights and convinces other customers.

Since you offer good customer service, you will be able to improve your company or business image. The other customers who see your public comments will be convinced that you are trustworthy sellers.

You could navigate the negative reviews and click “Add a comment”. Then you just need to proceed to make the comments. Your user will appear as a vendor with a “Manufacturer Badge” so that other people can look at your comments.

Removing bad reviews on Amazon

Can you Remove the bad review from your product page? The answer is yes and no. Once you have received “unfair” reviews on Amazon, you could ask Amazon officials to delete the review if it violates the rules.

When a negative review is removed, you will be away from its negative impact.

But the chance to remove the particular review is very low. Amazon officials can remove the particular reviews if they are against the community guidelines. We know that Amazon cannot tolerate users who violate the rules.

Requesting the removal or revision of a review is not hard at all. You could just write an email to Amazon’s official at Mention your ASIN of product, date and time of the review, link to the review, and other supportive information.

You could provide as much information as you like, as long as it is relevant to your case. Put some details so that it will improve your chance to have the negative review removed.

If the reviews are against the guidelines, the officials will remove them for good.